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Formatting your eBook for publication

As well as getting your actual manuscript in good nick for publication and also finding/designing that perfect cover, one thing I hadn’t considered was how that nicely formatted word document ┬áneeded to be modified to ensure it was fit for submission to Amazon (kindle) and other formats, via Smashwords.

Thankfully, both sites have their own eBooks that serve has handy guides to getting your manuscript in a fit state for submission on an “E” format.

For kindle, go for this book.

For Smashwords (so basically all other formats), use this.

Hope this is of use to someone. For me, I found out that I now have to remove all my tab indented paragraphs and replace them with first line indents. Doh-ville!

My new short story – Mirror Man – available at Smashwords

I’ve been having a break from the main WIP to back fill some world-building that I needed to complete to ensure I didn’t write myself into a brick wall.

In the interim, I’ve also wrote and uploaded my first short story (The Mirror Man) to Smashwords, available here.

I’ve got some other subs doing the rounds but if (when) they get their rejections I’ll probably post them there too.

It’s free, so please feel free to have a gander and leave your thoughts.