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Paperback edition out now – at last

Well, after 14 attempts (and several shouting matches with my computer screen) at converting my proof manuscript into a pdf that looked right in the CreateSpace digital viewer, I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally managed to get Message Bearer out and available in paperback as well as Kindle.

I don’t expect many sales from this version, the price required for PoD (Print on Demand) seems a bit on the excessive side to be cost effective, but at the very least I get to own a few “real” copies that I can share with friends and family.

Also, I learned a few lessons formatting the word document to be fit for use on CreateSpace, and found a few good links in the process which I’ll add to the blog later as these proved to be a godsend! I thought I knew MS Word until I encountered this particular challenge!

Anyway, I digress, the link is below. If you prefer your books in dead tree format then please take a look 🙂

PS – I need to link the ebook and paper versions together on Amazon, as at the moment they don’t appear as alternate options for the same book. Yet another challenge on this self-publishing roller coaster!




Cover artists, any recommendations?

Well, the time has come, the final draft is complete, only 12 months behind schedule(!), and I’m now looking to get this thing in a shape fit to enter the (eBook) indie publishing foray.

One of the things I did consider was doing my own cover, but after a brief effort I realized that my skills lie far, far away from that particular area, so I’m looking to hire a freelance to do it for me.

I’m going to be looking around the old t’internet to see what I can find, but if anyone has any good recommendations for a cover artist please let me know. Specifically, the novel is an urban fantasy along the lines of the Dresden Files or Stephen Mchugh’s Crimes Against Magic series – so I’m thinking a cover that’s moody, urban, with a good bit of mysticism thrown in. Nice and clear, right? 🙂

Any recommendations please fire them over!

Formatting your eBook for publication

As well as getting your actual manuscript in good nick for publication and also finding/designing that perfect cover, one thing I hadn’t considered was how that nicely formatted word document  needed to be modified to ensure it was fit for submission to Amazon (kindle) and other formats, via Smashwords.

Thankfully, both sites have their own eBooks that serve has handy guides to getting your manuscript in a fit state for submission on an “E” format.

For kindle, go for this book.

For Smashwords (so basically all other formats), use this.

Hope this is of use to someone. For me, I found out that I now have to remove all my tab indented paragraphs and replace them with first line indents. Doh-ville!


Amazon vs Hachette

Now, I’m a relative newbie to the world of indie publishing, and am still collating all the various guidance, hints and general strategies involved in crafting a successful indie author career. However, this article on Smashwords and subsequent debate is real food for thought.

Personally, when I’ve finished my current WIP I believe I’ll still go for the “traditional” publishing route before trying the indie/self publishing option, and I’m not sure (read – I don’t know about) where this potentially leaves those in the indie publishing field, specifically those on the Amazon exclusive programs. Part of me thinks it will drive more indies to other options away from Amazon, but will the market share of the internet giant outweigh any negatives that may result from this?

It’s an interesting read nonetheless, and shows how the e-publishing landscape is changing on almost a day by day basis.

Interesting times.