Book 2 now available for pre-order! Here’s Chapter 1.

Brilliant series, looking forward to book two!

Ian W. Sainsbury

The Unmaking Engine is finished, the final edits are being put in place and it will be published on Amazon 30th September. Warm up your Kindles and your Kindle apps. The print version is next on my list, hopefully for October or November.

Rather than blog about the process, or my plans for book three (yep), I thought I’d just drop Chapter One here for you. The pre-order links are here:

The Unmaking Engine   The Unmaking Engine

Apologies to readers in other countries, but I’ll run out of space if I include all the links  😉

If you like what you read, but haven’t read The World Walker yet, I’ll put links to that at the end.



Dover, Delaware

There were five of them and only one of him, which was the first problem. One of them—the biggest, ugliest one—had just…

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