Message Bearer (The Auran Chronicles Book 1) by M.S. Dobing

A really positive review of Message Bearer that I just has to share, courtesy of The Bookigloo.

The Book Igloo

Release date: 16th November 2015

Pages: 421

Age Range: 13+

Contains: Some descriptions of violence

Genre(s): Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Thriller & Mystery

About The Book: ‘You were drawn. I can see it. You are Latent.’

For reasons unknown, Seb is constantly drawn to random places without meaning, following an instinct he doesn’t understand.

One night that instinct lands him in trouble when he encounters Sarah, a young woman hunted by a fiend that can only be described as the stuff of nightmares. Against his better judgement Seb attempts to intervene, only to nearly get himself killed in the process. Before she passes, Sarah transfers something to him, an arcane knowledge that gets buried deep into his subconscious.

Rescued by the Brotherhood warrior Cade, Seb’s life takes on an unexpected turn when he is told he is a Latent, able to manipulate the very energies of reality to his own devices…

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2 thoughts on “Message Bearer (The Auran Chronicles Book 1) by M.S. Dobing

  1. Charles Griffith

    I enjoyed reading Message Bearer and look forward to any successors. I would have been glad to leave a positive review but I found your Brit-centric comment regarding grammar, etc. to be so offensive that I couldn’t bring myself to do so. Let´s face it, your editing is not perfect (foci is plural not singular, even in Britain) tho it is better than average. I would suggest developing a thicker skin if you plan to keep publishing on Amazon. Some reviewers are just a pain in the ass. The very large majority of native Anglophones are not British and while we are perfectly happy reading the work of modern British authors, at least for ebooks, we get our first impression from the author’s description. I ignored your offputting remarks long enough to give Seb a chance. I daresay that a fair number of potential readers might not.

  2. M. S. Dobing Post author

    Hi Charles,

    Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate your thoughts on this. I’m assuming you’re referring to the description on Amazon relating to UK grammar etc? I put this in originally as I had some feedback from a few readers (not just via reviews) that my spelling was off (“armour” was highlighted as an example typo), and after seeing what other authors had done, a common solution was to put in a disclaimer like that, specifically to ward off any issues regarding the differences between UK/US English.

    I never considered it would be found offensive by anyone, and for that I apologise. It was not my intention at all, sir 🙂

    Regarding the editing – yes – totally agree – I’m definitely getting better but there’re also issues I need to resolve going forwards.

    You have made me reconsider the disclaimer now, though. I’ll have a good think about it today and will make a call. Book 2 is out shortly so it would be good to have this put to rest.

    Don’t worry about the thick skin part – I was getting some excellent rejections for years before the epublishing revolution happened, and I’m fully expecting a lot more “bad ‘uns” as time goes on!

    Thanks again for this, I really appreciate your honest feedback and I’m going to look at if adding this disclaimer was the right decision.



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