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My new short, The Reality Trip, is now up on Smashwords

It’s been a looong time since my last post. I won’t bore with the details but it’s been taking  a lot of my time. I have managed to complete another short piece, which is now available on Smashwords.

Hope you enjoy!




Coma Companion – a horror/sci fi short story of mine, now available at Smashwords (free)


This was previously available at Amazon (and still is), but I’ve taken advantage of the new Kindle Unlimited option of getting out of kdp select early and I’ve now published this for free at Smashwords here.

Hope you like it 🙂

“When Doctor David Baines creates a machine that allows him to directly enter the mind of a comatose patient, he encounters a twisted reality that, rather than being the inner workings of one person’s mind, is actually a limbo world beyond life, and death, in unexpected forms, awaits the unwary.”



My new short story – Mirror Man – available at Smashwords

I’ve been having a break from the main WIP to back fill some world-building that I needed to complete to ensure I didn’t write myself into a brick wall.

In the interim, I’ve also wrote and uploaded my first short story (The Mirror Man) to Smashwords, available here.

I’ve got some other subs doing the rounds but if (when) they get their rejections I’ll probably post them there too.

It’s free, so please feel free to have a gander and leave your thoughts.