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40,000 words of 2nd draft reached!

A battling milestone this.  What began as a hefty revision of the first draft of my current WIP (working title – The Embers of Danu) has turned into a painful, but necessary rewrite. I tried to avoid it, I really did, but ultimately there had been too many deviations from my main outline. One perhaps I could have handled, but there’s at least three total direction changes that I’ve clocked so far. I think that’s it, but it’s enough to drive me to the decision I have made.

So – I’ve now got a second word doc, a revised outline, and I’m now plodding through the second draft. Many darlings have been killed. Much fat has been trimmed. It’s looking a lot better, but it’s not an experience I want to go through again.

In my head my next WIP is already forming, and this time I aim to complete a much more thorough outline. It turns out being a gardener isn’t for me…